Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shop My Personal Avon Online Store


Ok well this didn't work out that good so i will type it for you MAKEUP Foundation competition
-clinique perfectly real makeup $22.50
-clinique stay-matte sheer pressed powder $19.00
-estee lauder lift extreme ultra firming makeup SPF 15 is $35.50
-ideal shade liquid foundation SPF 10 is $12.50
-ideal shade pressed powder $10.00
- Anew Age-transforming foundation SPF 15 is $18.50
-Anew Age-transforming pressed powder SPF15 $14.00
And the list gos on with facial cleanser, moisturizer, treatment, deodorant, body lotion, hand cream, hair care, blush, minerals, pencil,mascara, nails, and lips, ow also fragrance. what you can do is add up every thing you from the store and see if Avon can give you a better price on IT.


If you what to sell Avon in the Taft,derby acre, or fellows area you can contact me. If you just what to buy Avon follow the link on this page and you can start. Now most of the time we have free shipping so take advantage of is Its safe and secure site you may even find that you are paying less.

Monday, February 2, 2009

AVON 2009

Hi everyone it's the new year and Avon has lots of good thing that on sale for VALENTINE'S DAY fun fun! you can get what you wont just shop on line at www.youravon.com/srobinson9821. evryday we have good deals that you cant poss up, from lower prices thin what you get at the store

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Up Close & Personalized

Scrapbook set

-One page of die-cut shapes

- 5 page of stickers

- 16 page of fun surveys

- 30 scrapbook page

- Back packet for photos, letters & more

its fun for the kids to have there own scrapbook to do. When your doing your scrapbook you kids can do there too. Only $12.99

Campaign 21

The holidays are coming, get a head of everyone and start buying gifts. For kids we have a Sit and Store Ottoman- Hannah Montana. It gives her a place to rest her feet and store her stuff, it has a sturdy top, and its padded so that she can sit on it too. it can hold up to 100 lds. It's 11 1/2" sq. It's only $24.99. Also a Hannah Montana Essentials Organizer it's good for holding all of her cherished accessories. It's a durable, stylish carrier, with two swing-out shelves and a pop up mirror. 11 3/4" L X 8" W X 5" H only $14.99. A Hannah Montana hamper with handles for easy carrying. Only $12.99.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Guys and there Toys

Guy's and there toy's what do you do with guy that has to have there toy all the time. the guy that I'm with has to have his toy's all the time I try to keep him happy all the time. I say that if it doesn't heart us finical go for it he works hard for his money he should have something to show for it. I you have every thing you need let your man have his toy's you are not out there working your but off to make shoure you have every thing you man is doing that. If you stay at home do what you have to do at the house that why he's happy when he comes home.